Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House and Babies

So I was informed today that my blog hasn’t been updated since January! I know I am horrible at blogging!! But for those of you that know me, know I’m not the most organized person and am not that great at stuff like this. I am much better at updating my Facebook! So here is my blog update! ;)

Life has been a whirl wind lately. This summer we decided to sell our 100 acre woods and build a house near my in-laws. They have 240 acres west of Fanshawe. So we started the process of picking out a house and floor plan. What a journey that has been!! But it is now complete and we are waiting for the concrete work to start. They were supposed to start several weeks ago, but the rain has kept them from it. Word is that Friday they are going to do the piering, hopefully next week the footings and then the slab. We are praying that God will keep the rain away, so we can get this going.

We have until the end of January living here. Then we are hoping the guy that bought our place will let us rent it from him until our house is done!

In the middle of all of those decisions we found out that we are expecting again! Yes! Number three! We will have 3 children under fouR! How exciting is life going to be at our house?! So we are just praying at this point that we can get the house done in time for this new arrival. I am due April 4th, but will probably do the c-section the end of March. At least doing c-sections we can make sure we aren’t in the middle of moving in when I go into labor… we can kind of plan things. I say that, but it seems like recently anytime I plan anything, God smiles at me and says…. “I am in control, not you” and my plans, of course, don’t work out. So I guess I won’t worry about planning and just put MY schedule aside and let Him work… ‘cause He normally doesn’t like what I plan anyways.

Okay, I’m going to attach a few pictures on here and then get the girls down for their naps. I will try to do better at updating… or at least try to update before our kids are all grown, but you might have to remind me! ;)

Keep in touch and keep us in your prayers!







Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting a new year!!

Well, it's been a good and rough few weeks. The week before Christmas we said good-bye to Doug's grandpa. We all got to be with him when he went to be with Jesus, which was something very special. It has been hard, but we know that he is in a better place and much happier there!!

We went to my parent's house that weekend and celebrated Christmas with them. Granny and Gramps bought Caitlyn and Calyssa a "big kitchen" which they already delivered to us and some other awesome presents from them, Uncle Logan, and Uncle Chris, Aunt Lindsey, and cousins Connor and Ryan. I ended up sick (suprise, suprise) and by Saturday night I had completely lost my voice. Sunday morning, I woke up with still no voice and Caitlyn was running a fever. We left Weatherford shortly after lunch and headed home. Monday morning (still voiceless), Caitlyn and I went to the doctor -diagnosis: strep throat. Caitlyn never got too sick which we are so grateful for.

Christmas day we opened presents and then after naptime went out to Doug's parent's house and let the girls ride their new jeep. They had a great time. We opened presents with Granny, Pawpaw, Uncle Jeremie, and Aunt Andrea. They got some great gifts!

On Saturday and Sunday we went back over to Granny and Pawpaw's house and got to see all of our extended family and open gifts with them. Caitlyn loved playing with her cousin Caleb.

Today is New Years and we have had a great day. Doug's parent's brought over the 4-wheeler that was Doug's grandpa's. It was SO cold, but Caitlyn wanted to go for a ride, so I bundled her up and we rode around for a few minutes. I was freezing and she didn't even want to get off. But since "I'm the boss" we came inside!! Other than that we have just spent the day being lazy and playing with the girls. We hope you all have a wonderful New Year or "Merry New Day" in Caitlyn's words - too cute!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I know, I know

Okay, so I have not posted in forever (thanks Sarah for you note!)! Caitlyn ended up with Pneumonia again and we had colds and tons of other fun stuff. Now we are getting into the Christmas season and SO busy with buying gifts and Christmas parties and plays. Tomorrow at church we have our choir Christmas cantata and I am really looking forward to it. Even though I don't have a very good voice, I LOVE to sing (it's from the heart, and that's what counts right?). Tuesday the girls go to "Miss Lisa's" house for a bit, she's our new babysitter. I get to leave the girls with her once a week for a few hours to get stuff done. In reality it won't be that often just because of holidays and stuff she has going on. But I'm excited for just a couple of hours of housecleaning time or just "me" time. This Tuesday I'll be baking cookies for our playdate. Then on Wednesday we have playdate and that night the kids at church have their "play." Caitlyn is going to be a piece of old-fashioned ribbon candy in a candy store. I was hoping she would get to be an animal, but maybe next year. Friday we will head to Weatherford for Christmas with my family. Unfortunately I won't get to see my sister, brother-in-law or my nephews this year. They have "quarantined" them since it's RSV season. As often as we are sick I would hate to expose them to my girls anyway!!
Our big news right now is that Cally is walking. She is doing pretty good. She gets braver and braver. For the next couple of months she will get lots of bumps and bruises, but they learn the best if you just let them figure it out.
Well, that's all I know for now. Here are some new pictures of us. I will TRY to update this more, hopefully after the holidays I will do better.

These two pictures were taken in Enid on Thanksgiving. Caitlyn got to ride the train at the mall. That night it snowed so Caitlyn got to build her first snowman the next day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Continued from my last post because of problems!!

Okay, so I was having problems uploading onto here, so I just made a slide show of our last week or so. Here's the story...

We went to Norman last Friday and got to see my nephews... Ryan and Connor. They are such dolls. We had our first picture taken with us, my sister and her boys, and my brother.

Then we went on to Weatherford. On Saturday we took the girls to the Corn Maize in Hydro to take pictures. Calyssa did NOT like the pumpkins, hence no pictures of her with them!! She went nuts if you tried to sit her in them. She's having major seperation anxiety issues!!! My had gotten a car for the girls. We were thinking more for Cally, but Caitlyn LOVED it. Doug would push her down the driveway in it and she would smile SO big!!

So we get home Sunday night and everything is fine Monday morning. Caitlyn laid down for a nap and when she woke up... she was burning up. She ran a fever the rest of the day and a low one Tuesday and today. I decided to take her to the doctor after a glimpse of her throat... it looked like strep. Well, at the dr's office she started listening to her chest and it sounded like there was a rattle. Off to get an x-ray, which revealed~~~~ PNEUMONIA!!! She has it in one lung and starting the in the other. Poor girl. Pneumonia and strep, all at once! She is now on an antibiotic and has to do breathing treatments 3 times a day.

Pray for us... that we survive and none of us get sick! Although Doug and I are already questioning if we are coming down with something. I don't mind getting it, I just don't want poor Calyssa to get it. Keep us in your prayers...

Enjoy the slideshow!

Check out my Slide Show!

Lots of pictures and more illness!!

Here are a few pictures taken a while back.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Farm Fest - aka Sorghum Festival at the Overstreet-Kerr Historical Farm

First off I just had to show these two pictures of Cally. She loves this ball cause it has a little thing inside of it that makes noise. She finally managed to get the whole thing in her mouth, so it got taken away. Before I took it from her she crawled over to me, with it in her mouth. So I HAD to take a couple of pictures.Today I took the girls to the Sorghum Festival and they had a GREAT time. We managed to steal Granny away from her work (she volunteers at the festival) and had a little picnic and then went to look at the animals.

Caitlyn loved holding this little dog. She did great with it. I had a hard time helping her and taking pictures, but after I put the camera down she held it by herself.

Next she got to hold a kitty. As much as she loves kitties, it was right up her alley! She was very gentle with it!

Lastly she got to hold a bubpy (aka bunny), she got to hold it on her lap all by herself! Such a big~little girl I have!

I think we have an animal lover on our hands. I guess we'll have to start trying to talk Doug into letting us get some kitties and puppies... and maybe even some bunnies someday. We'll just have to keep reminding him that that's a bonus of living in the country ~getting to have lots of pets!! (I doubt he'll go for it, but he does have a soft spot for his two little girls!)