Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Continued from my last post because of problems!!

Okay, so I was having problems uploading onto here, so I just made a slide show of our last week or so. Here's the story...

We went to Norman last Friday and got to see my nephews... Ryan and Connor. They are such dolls. We had our first picture taken with us, my sister and her boys, and my brother.

Then we went on to Weatherford. On Saturday we took the girls to the Corn Maize in Hydro to take pictures. Calyssa did NOT like the pumpkins, hence no pictures of her with them!! She went nuts if you tried to sit her in them. She's having major seperation anxiety issues!!! My had gotten a car for the girls. We were thinking more for Cally, but Caitlyn LOVED it. Doug would push her down the driveway in it and she would smile SO big!!

So we get home Sunday night and everything is fine Monday morning. Caitlyn laid down for a nap and when she woke up... she was burning up. She ran a fever the rest of the day and a low one Tuesday and today. I decided to take her to the doctor after a glimpse of her throat... it looked like strep. Well, at the dr's office she started listening to her chest and it sounded like there was a rattle. Off to get an x-ray, which revealed~~~~ PNEUMONIA!!! She has it in one lung and starting the in the other. Poor girl. Pneumonia and strep, all at once! She is now on an antibiotic and has to do breathing treatments 3 times a day.

Pray for us... that we survive and none of us get sick! Although Doug and I are already questioning if we are coming down with something. I don't mind getting it, I just don't want poor Calyssa to get it. Keep us in your prayers...

Enjoy the slideshow!

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