Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Farm Fest - aka Sorghum Festival at the Overstreet-Kerr Historical Farm

First off I just had to show these two pictures of Cally. She loves this ball cause it has a little thing inside of it that makes noise. She finally managed to get the whole thing in her mouth, so it got taken away. Before I took it from her she crawled over to me, with it in her mouth. So I HAD to take a couple of pictures.Today I took the girls to the Sorghum Festival and they had a GREAT time. We managed to steal Granny away from her work (she volunteers at the festival) and had a little picnic and then went to look at the animals.

Caitlyn loved holding this little dog. She did great with it. I had a hard time helping her and taking pictures, but after I put the camera down she held it by herself.

Next she got to hold a kitty. As much as she loves kitties, it was right up her alley! She was very gentle with it!

Lastly she got to hold a bubpy (aka bunny), she got to hold it on her lap all by herself! Such a big~little girl I have!

I think we have an animal lover on our hands. I guess we'll have to start trying to talk Doug into letting us get some kitties and puppies... and maybe even some bunnies someday. We'll just have to keep reminding him that that's a bonus of living in the country ~getting to have lots of pets!! (I doubt he'll go for it, but he does have a soft spot for his two little girls!)

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