Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting a new year!!

Well, it's been a good and rough few weeks. The week before Christmas we said good-bye to Doug's grandpa. We all got to be with him when he went to be with Jesus, which was something very special. It has been hard, but we know that he is in a better place and much happier there!!

We went to my parent's house that weekend and celebrated Christmas with them. Granny and Gramps bought Caitlyn and Calyssa a "big kitchen" which they already delivered to us and some other awesome presents from them, Uncle Logan, and Uncle Chris, Aunt Lindsey, and cousins Connor and Ryan. I ended up sick (suprise, suprise) and by Saturday night I had completely lost my voice. Sunday morning, I woke up with still no voice and Caitlyn was running a fever. We left Weatherford shortly after lunch and headed home. Monday morning (still voiceless), Caitlyn and I went to the doctor -diagnosis: strep throat. Caitlyn never got too sick which we are so grateful for.

Christmas day we opened presents and then after naptime went out to Doug's parent's house and let the girls ride their new jeep. They had a great time. We opened presents with Granny, Pawpaw, Uncle Jeremie, and Aunt Andrea. They got some great gifts!

On Saturday and Sunday we went back over to Granny and Pawpaw's house and got to see all of our extended family and open gifts with them. Caitlyn loved playing with her cousin Caleb.

Today is New Years and we have had a great day. Doug's parent's brought over the 4-wheeler that was Doug's grandpa's. It was SO cold, but Caitlyn wanted to go for a ride, so I bundled her up and we rode around for a few minutes. I was freezing and she didn't even want to get off. But since "I'm the boss" we came inside!! Other than that we have just spent the day being lazy and playing with the girls. We hope you all have a wonderful New Year or "Merry New Day" in Caitlyn's words - too cute!!